Hello Rug Campers from slushy Seattle!

Gene and Marsha have made me aware that a couple of you have been experiencing problems logging in; as in "it doesn't save your data". This could be because of many factors, but I suspect it may be a cookie that's still lurking in your browser that "thinks it knows it's supposed to be there". We need to rid the browser of that value and that's gonna require a couple of steps on your end.

Clearing Your Browser Cache

For starters, try clearing your browser cache. You may find instructions on how to do that here. RefreshYourCache.com

Update Your Browser

You can visit this link and see where your browser lines up with what's available for your system.Note: Some of you may see a box appear saying to "update your browser". I have installed that bit of code to help simplify the process.

Make sure your system software is up to date. This will also help protect you from scammers and hackers.

Updating your system and browser is the tip of the iceberg

That's the hardware end of things. The main thing is to update your "personal software" ergo, be aware of several facts:

  • The IRS will NEVER call you so do not respond to any sort of threats issued by someone claiming to be them. The Treasury Department will send you a nice love letter that contains lots of numbers, and "due by" ... or maybe you get a check from them... and then you can buy the entire class lunch!
  • If you're a website owner, Google will not cold-call you. A person saying they are "a Google specialist" or "something something Google affiliate" will want to sell you a pricy SEO package and basically do very little for you.
  • If you get a call from your bank, I would hesitate to answer any in-depth questions without proper verification. NEVER, EVER give your personal details over the phone!
  • Avoid using the word "Yes" when answering questions from an unknown caller. That can be recorded and used for verification purposes against your will.
  • If you participate in social media, avoid such question threads as "Name your first pet", "What's the name of your first school?", "Name your hometown", etc. Who else asks those questions? Oh, the IRS... any lending institution, etc, etc. Questions such as those should be considered "sacred knowledge". Keep that close to the vest.

Another thing to be aware of is that your bank will NEVER send unsolicited correspondence. If you get such an email, hover over any link and an address will pop up. If it's anything other than what the company domain is (ergo "wellsfargo.com" and NOT "wellsfargo.iwsqargdq1122.com"). Domains are ALWAYS linked to their TLD extension (the .com, .net, .gov, .edu, etc.). "TLD" stands for "Top Level Domain". You should read a URL from right to left rather than left to right.

It never hurts to run MalwareBytes

Malware Bytes is a "freemium" program in that it's free to use but if you want all the features, you will drop $15 or $20. It's worth it, trust me. If you download and install it, then scan your machine it will remove any bad scripts and malicious code from your machine. I would HIGHLY recommend doing this.

I want to help you guys stay grift-free. Here's some resources to get you started.

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